Living life between the barrel staves in Bourbon Country

High Hope Steeplechase 2011 Tailgate Party

“Yes I am a pirate
Two hundred years too late…”
Jimmy Buffett

At the start of the millennium a tradition was born, one that has survived marriage, divorce, the birth of children, changes in personnel and – on two occasions – a one year hiatus to regroup and revamp.  During this time it’s grown from a small family oriented gathering to a full on party of 60 (not to mention assorted children and dogs).  Through it all two things have remained constant: #1 The Food, and #2 The Drinks (you’re welcome to debate the order these should be in).   At different times our culinary adventure has touched upon the cuisines of the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, Mexican beaches, the Big Easy and even our own Kentucky Home, and in doing so left no doubt as to where the best tailgate party was to be found:

Winner “Best Food” 2003 (Wasting Away In Margaritaville)
Winner “Best Food” 2006 (The Kentucky Bourbon Trail)
Winner “Best Theme” 2007 (The Tiki Bar Is Open)
Winner “Best Food” 2008 (Let Me Take You Down To Cabo)
Winner “Best Food” 2009 (Mardi Gras In May)

It’s taken us 12 years to get here, but join us as we celebrate ten years of tailgate parties!

The High Hope Steeplechase 10th Anniversary Tailgate Party
“A Pirate Looks at Forty”
Featuring the High Hope Pirates of the Paddock

On Sunday May 22nd at the Kentucky Horse Park, join your fellow Pirate Lords, Lasses and assorted scallywags for a feast gathered from around the seven seas.

Drinks From The Rum Bar

  • What would a pirate party be without rum?  We’re proud to present “The Maelstrom” – the official cocktail of our High Hope Steeplechase Tailgate Party.  Three rums, four juices and three liqueurs – guaranteed to make even Davey Jones head swim.
  • Also featuring “The Blind Luck Cocktail” aka “A Dead Reckoning”, a scurvy preventing combination of Pineapple Rum, Amaretto, Peach Water, Blood Orange and Lime.
  • All pirates know how to have a bloody good time, so why not enjoy a “Bloody Effen Mary”.  Made with Effen Cucumber Vodka and just spicy enough to make you sit up and say “Arrgh!”
  • Backdraft Brewery’s High Hope beer is always a favorite, and this year Kevin will be featuring “Red Beard’s Red Ale” and “Jolly Rodger Hard Cider”.  We are also making a batch of Wee Pirate Root Beer for the kids!

From The Pirate Galley 

  • Braised and Grilled Pork Belly Skewers with Spicy Chile Glaze.  It’s like bacon, but better.
  • A traditional Beef and Cayenne Kefta (meatballs) given a healthy kick with a Spicy Orange Harissa Sauce
  • Tortuga Rum Jerked Chicken Wings with Banana Ginger Habanero Salsa
  • Asian Crab Cakes with Peanut Cilantro Dipping Sauce
  • Brown Sugar and Tarragon Rubbed Lamb, grilled and served on skewers
  • Green Papaya and Mango Salad with Citrus Marinated Grilled Shrimp
  • Spicy Indian Slaw with Chiles and Roasted Peanuts
  • Key Lime Rum Cakes with Rum Glaze, because by this point in the day you haven’t had enough rum already.
  • Chocolate Espresso Cakes with Kahlua Genache and Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

So save the date, don your best pirate garb (please no live parrots), grab your bottle of rum and we’ll see you in May.  Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

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