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One Cocktail To Rule Them All


Making every hour “happy”…

When it comes to irony, never let it be said that the gods themselves are immune.  How else then do you explain that the ubiquitous cocktail of New Orleans – and therefore of Mardi Gras – is the Hurricane?  For me it’s unfathomable that anyone nowadays can order such a drink in New Orleans and not acknowledge the very large elephant in the room.   Garden & Gun (a magazine I simply adore, by the way), appears to do just that in its current issue by offering up three variations of the classic drink by New Orleans mixologists without any mention of the devastation wrought by Katrina 7 years ago.  Maybe we’re far enough down the line now that it’s no longer necessary   Maybe New Orleans has crawled its way back to the point where such a reference would be out-of-place. I don’t know, part of me thinks that is not the case.  I suppose next week while I’m there I’ll get the chance to have my questions answered.



It’s About Trust


There are few greater expressions of trust than telling a bartender “I’m in your hands” when ordering a cocktail.

I give you “The Paper Plane” from Table Three Ten in Lexington, made with Weller 7yo bourbon.