Living life between the barrel staves in Bourbon Country

The Blog Goes A-Twitter

From the Evan Williams party in Louisville. My New Year's resolution is to appear less stoic in photographs. Heck, I might even start to smile.

So I figured it was finally time to twit the blog. For those of you reading on a regular basis (that’s everyone right?) you will have noticed a new feature on the right hand sidebar which now shows daily twitter updates from yours truly. Borrowing and turning a phrase from the New York Times, it will feature all the news that fit to eat… and tweet.

The focus is roughly local – and by local I mean wherever I happen to be at any given moment (which will be Lexington, Kentucky on most occasions) – along with the more interesting culinary related news articles I find from around the country. And of course, in an attempt to bring you the fullest social media experience possible, the twitter posts feed in from Facebook. So follow the blog on twitter for the latest updates (, friend me on Facebook (, or check out the blog here on And if you see, hear or better yet – eat and drink – anything worthwhile, feel free to drop me note. It might end up in the next blog.

Bon appetit!


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