Living life between the barrel staves in Bourbon Country

Not My Fault


I swear it’s not my fault, really. Some weeks ago I received a rather disconcerting letter in the mail, insinuating as it were, that I was somehow to blame for the imminent shortage in one of Kentucky’s native spirits. Apparently, I drank the distillery out of Knob Creek. Or at least that’s how I interpreted the correspondence. Had I really been consuming that much bourbon? I mean, the economy has been tough, work was stressful, and I had been enjoying a Wednesday night cocktail more often than in times past. I had even, on the occasional night out, enjoyed a second. But could one person have really made that much of an impact on the bourbon supply chain? Was I one of those people who had crossed the line from indulgence to addiction? Did I need, (gasp), intervention?

“It seems you’ve helped cause a bit of a situation here at the distillery” I read upon opening the package. “We’ve temporarily run out of Knob Creek… take a deep breath and keep in mind that our next batch will be fully matured and ready to go this November.” Well at least I wasn’t being held solely accountable, as apparently there were enough culprits to lead the Knob Creek marketing department to create and mail a tee-shirt commemorating the “drought of 2009” to those of us deemed guilty. More substantial and thirst quenching help, however, was fortunately close at hand. The Horse and Barrel Pub on Broadway in Lexington has around 60 bourbons available. The Bluegrass Tavern on Cheapside offers well over 100. Most restaurants in town offer between 15 and 30, and November is just around the corner. So for the time being, I’m enjoying a little more Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace and Evan Williams Single Barrel. I am trying to be conscientious of my impact on the environment, or at least the distilling industry, and by spreading the love around hopefully no one else will be denied the pleasure of enjoying Kentucky bourbon. Except, of course, those poor people in Tennessee who just seem to be perpetually confused on the subject of good whiskey.


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