Living life between the barrel staves in Bourbon Country

Real Time blogging during “No Reservations – Thailand” tonight at 10pm EDT


I have tickets to see Anthony Bourdain in Louisville on September 25th.  His appearance is part of the IdeaFestival (for more info check out  I’m a little worried, because as the trailers for tonight’s show make clear, there was a bit of a “military situation” while NR was filming in Thailand.  Add that to what happened in Beruit, and one might say Tony is maybe not the harbinger of joy and good tidings.  The last thing Louisville, Kentucky needs right now is conflict and fighting amongst rival factions.  That’s what the debate over the fate of the Louisville basketball coach is for.

9:55pm EDT

No Reservations – The Drinking Game

After last week’s rather extraordinary total, we’re going to keep it simple this time out.  Every time Tony get’s bleeped, take a drink!  (The tickets for Bourdain’s Louisville appearance come with the warning “May Contain Mature Language”).  Really?

 10:10pm EDT

Nothing to do but eat.  That should really be the title of a future Bourdain book.  Although “soft boiled eggs and pig parts” would work too.  Cream of wheat, only ricier.

Am I the only one that is getting a little tired of the third distant runner’s up from the “Travel with Tony” competition continually popping up during this season like a  bad case of heartburn that just won’t go away?  The Saudi Arabia episode I admired.  The rest would have been just as good without the contestant chaf.

Nothing to do but eat.  Alas, there was damn little eating in the first segment.

 10:20pm EDT

Tony’s meal in the train station makes me wonder if anyone ever ate that good (or truthfully, that healthy) while waiting on Amtrak.  Although the train taking out seven food stalls sounds like a bit more like American mass transit.

 10:35pm EDT

I’ve started to realize over the yeares that Asian food is probably more visually attractive than any other food on earth.  It has to be the abundance of vegetables and bright chiles.  It makes for stunning presentations in even the simplest of dishes.  Those colors, offest against the pale noodles – well it just makes me hungry.  Designers get paid big bucks for designing the decor of restaurants, choosing which colors will create the right atmosphere, and which colors will induce people to eat.  Really, it’s what on the plate more than the walls that keeps me coming back.

10:45pm EDT

 A country with a dipping sauce for everything – a really great line that should make it’s way into a travel brochure.  Next to fois gras and veal, suckling pig is probably the one dish that most drives vegetarians crazy.   Having had the privilege of trying it on two seperate occassions, I can honestly say I’m perfectly content to put up with their wrath.  It’s delicious.

 10:55pm EDT

Having seen Dhani Jones explore the world of Mui Thai fighting in an episode of his show “Dhani Tackles the Globe”, I can’t say I’m really enthusiast about revisiting this particular martial arts competition – it just seems repetitive.  Dhani trained with the fighters, then climbed in the ring.  Having Tony talk about it just didn’t carry the same gravitas.  I will say Bourdain, however, ate better.

Frog coconut curry – not your everyday dish in America but I can tell you that I will be looking for a reason to serve that soon.   Come here Kermit.  See the big pointed stick?  Nice froggy.



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