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Real Time Blogging during “No Reservations” – tonight at 10pm EDT

Welcome to my first attempt at real time blogging.  Enjoy, and please check out the rest of the Shenandoah Supper Club blog.

Due to a severe case of boredom and a sore back that precludes other activity, I will be blogging in real time during tonight’s episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations – Australia airing at 10pm EDT on the Travel Channel. This may be the most lame thing I’ve ever attempted (online). Tune in for pithy (or pissy) commentary – depending on your point of view.

9:50pm EDT

 Tonight Tony is in Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve never been to Australia, which I think qualifies me perfectly to provide a running commentary on tonight’s episode.  After all, lack of experience and professional qualifications doesn’t stop around one million Kentuckians every year from trying to coach the UK Men’s Basketball Team. 

There are advantages to filming in Melbourne versus Sydney as well, like no obligatory panoramic shots of the harbor with its ubiquitous opera house.  I can’t visualize the Sydney Opera House without thinking of Finding Nemo, or worse, Elton John singing Candle in the Wind while dressed like an effete Mozart, complete with Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark.  Why is it called a beauty mark on pretty people but on ugly people it’s a mole?

9:55pm EDT

No Reservations – The Drinking Game!

Five minutes to showtime, which means it’s time to reveal the rules for tonight’s drinking game.  To play the game, watch tonight’s Australia episode and every time Tony mentions the Crocodile Hunter, Nicole Kidman or says the word “Crikey!” – take a drink!

10:00pm EDT

The Opening Segment – always one of my favorite parts.  It sets the tone for the episode and shows us a glimpse of how cynical, or serious, Tony will be tonight.

We have technical question from the gallery, does Tony’s mention of Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) qualify as a Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) reference – if you have to ask, pass your drink to the person closet to you, let them take drink, and lose a turn.

And the naked guy running past made the whole thing look like a Monty Python skit.

10:02pm EDT

Second Crocodile Dundee and first Crocodile Hunter reference – in the same sentence.  Drink twice!

This is going to be a good game!

 10:06pm EDT

Half Moon, let the food porn begin!  Caviar topped oysters on the half shell.  Sea Urchin with heirloom tomato.  Fresh water lobster, and wagyu brisket with bone marrow!

 First commercial break – the food shots did not dissappoint.  I’m so happy NR has been nominated for multiple Emmy’s.  The production crew on this show is one of the best of television.

While I’m thinking about, tickets for Tony’s appearance in Louisville, KY this fall go on sale in the morning.  Information can be found at:

 10:15pm EDT

Matt Preston the food writer looks a lot like the actor Alfred Molina.   Or maybe Oliver Platt.  And trugo might actually be more boring than curling.

The ethnic makeup of Melbourne is definitely something I wasn’t aware of. 

Ah yes, the kabob truck!  Along with testicular and bodily function references.  And we learn something new about Tony, he likes to keep food out of the bedroom.  Your comments on this point are encouraged.

 10:30pm EDT

Rumi’s lamb brains.  Ethereal?  Not sure about the adjective but it looks damn good.

Love the commercial plug and the props to The Travel Channel.  Not to mention the spit fire roasted cajones that apparently are about to become Tony’s lunch.

The drinking game started out encouraging enough, but seems to have tapered off.  Here’s hoping Tony gets a few digs in at Nicole Kidman before everyone’s buzz wears off.

 10:40pm EDT

Bourdain is noticeably not spotting the sleek, lithe figure he used to.  Success, to paraphrase a famous baseball player, has been very very good to him.  Tony Tan, the chef and food writer, needs to meet up with the TV food host from the Malaysian episode I think.  Nothing wrong with that, just making an observation.

I just realized I need a wok.  And it takes guts to call a dish “mouth watering chicken”.    But then again, that’s the Chinese for you – it’s the true mother cuisine.

I know my sometimes co-chef Charlotte isn’t watching this tonight, but when she sees it I’m sure she will have me cooking up the dish with all those peppers. 

10:45pm EDT

Streaker appearance number 2.  It really does look like a Monthy Python routine.

The ass-end of Nowhere’s-ville, pretty much sums up the geography.  Surprising place to find a restaurant like this one.  But the calamari looks amazing!

Ok, we have a crocodile reference and a threat to molest a wallaby.  For those of you playing along at home with our drinking game who have grown as parched as I am, I’m invoking author’s privilege.  Drink up!

Something I noticed in last week’s Chile episode, and something Tony commented on himself, is he’s drinking a lot more wine.  It’s like he grew up, matured, and became Robin Leach.

 10:55pm EDT

Well, I might have thought so until he made the comment about the lamb.  Ah, Tony.  You tell it like it is, which is why we like you.  Parting food porn shots, obligatory summation, fade out as Tony sips a drink.

Thus ends episode 2 of Season 5, part two.  Your comments on tonight’s little internet experiment are greatly appreciated.  I’m thinking this woudl work better in a group setting – probably in a bar.  Until next week, when we might do this thing all over again, to my friends in the blogosphere, bon appetite and good night!


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