Living life between the barrel staves in Bourbon Country

Homecoming, of a sort


“Hit somebody! It rang in his ears
Blood on the ice ran down through the years.”

Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song) – Warren Zevon

For the second year in a row I’ll watch the Detriot Red Wings and Pittsburg Penguins battle for the Stanley Cup from the comfort of The Lodge in Hilton Head, South Carolina. For those of you who have been reading this blog from the beginning, you may remember me extolling the many virtues (or lack thereof) of The Lodge during last year’s vacation (click here to read An Evening at “The Lodge”). Even before I leave Lexington in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, my Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights appear to be well planned around Games 1 through 4. Hell, truth be told, I was planning on going to The Lodge anyway.

When we’re young vacation is all about new experiences, doing things and going places we haven’t been before. I’ve come to realize as we grow older it is far too easy to allow routine to set in and just do the same things we’ve always done.

It’s not that I dislike new things, I love them and will actively seek them out under normal circumstances. But for this vacation, every year, it’s all about re-experiencing cherished memories of the past. They’re never quite the same the second, third, or in our case, the 15th time around. I first came to Hilton Head when I was about 13. My son made his first trip when he was 11 months old. When Zach was born it was very important to his grandmother that he have a special place to return to, every year – something to always look forward to. As a new parent I didn’t understand what the big deal was at the time. Now, seven years on, I get it.

There isn’t a lot on this island off the coast of South Carolina, just a few miles north of Savannah, that I haven’t done, seen or enjoyed many times over. My joy now comes in watching my son do the same things I once did – and still try to do, and in going to the same places I’ve always loved to go. You see, it’s really not about re-living the past after all, it’s about watching my son live it for the very first time. And by creating this little semblance of a routine for one week a year, we’ve created a second home for all of us. As we cross over the bridge around 5pm tomorrow afternoon, it will feel like we’ve come back home.

Come away, come away home with me.
When the light shines from the lighthouse
It beckons me to the sea.
But oh Carolina, there’s nothing much finer than you
Gently calling to me…

Come away home.
Hilton Head’s calling you home.
Harbour Town’s waiting come home
Dolphins are playing, come home
Seagulls are saying “Come home”.
Come home, come away home.

“Come Away Home” – Gregg Russell



2 responses

  1. arb

    Desperately trying to track down a vocal version of Gregg Russell and the Come Away sone! Any ideas? Don’t remember if it was he who sang it — but I went yearly as a child, and now also take my own kids. Crossing over that bridge — every single time it does feel like cooming home. I remember sitting on the steps in Harbour town when a man would come once a week — and this was always one of the songs sung. Have remembered it for probably 3 decades, and would be so thrilled to find it somewhere. Help??!! Thanks!

    May 31, 2009 at 6:12 pm

  2. Janna

    Enjoyed finally getting a chance to check out your blog site and catch up on some of the e-mails you’ve been sending. Fills in some of the gaps on your Steeplechase histories, Supper Clubs and evolution of your extreme culinary talents let alone authorship! Jeff and I are getting ready for a week with the kids on a beach in Alabama and hope to at least take some of the drinks recipes if not others (our kids just won’t eat the way we love to so our cooking/eating have been heavily curtailed)!

    June 22, 2009 at 10:08 pm

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