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Making a Mark on the Holidays

Maker's Mark takes care of its Ambassadors around the holidays

Maker's Mark takes good care of its Ambassadors around the holidays (click for larger image)

A sure sign the holidays are approaching is the annual delivery of the Maker’s Mark Christmas gift to its ambassadors. In the past I’ve received such goodies as coasters, drink stirrers, cocktail napkins, a DVD on the distillery and a nice little cocktail shaker. This year, however, I’ll admit to being a little perplexed when I opened the package and saw a roll of wrapping paper inside decorated with little bitty bottles of Maker’s Mark bourbon. Also included were gift tags in the shape of Maker’s Mark bottles and a bundle of ribbon (in Maker’s wax red color of course). Let’s face it, nothing screams “alcoholic” more than giving gifts to loved ones at Christmas wrapped in bourbon decorated paper with all the trimmings.

I wonder if I’d lose my title if I used it to wrap up a bottle of Woodford Reserve?


One response

  1. I doubt most people will use it…they will stick it on the top shelf of the closet or curio that holds all their other ambassador treasures that they dust but never touch in hopes of paying for Juniors college with the proceeds from selling their “collection”.

    Have a happy thanksgiving!

    Oh and not only would you be kicked out of the club, they might roast you over an open fire as well. Just call Woodford and ask them they will be done printing their gift wrap.

    November 23, 2008 at 5:44 am

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