Living life between the barrel staves in Bourbon Country

Random Seasonings – October 21st, 2008

I’m sitting here, shattered. Forced to acknowledge that something I once enjoyed has been taken from me. I have just finished watching an hour of what would have been, under different circumstances, semi-enjoyable television. My mind, however, shut down during the opening segment after I heard the words “And now the premier of ‘At The Table with Anthony Bourdain’, sponsored by Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey”. God, that really hurts. Having just posted a blog railing against the native spirit of the state immediately to my south, on Monday night when I’m used to sitting on my sofa and vegging out in front of the TV for a bit, I have to confront this. I take solace from one thing however – the voice over never referred to JD as “bourbon”.

The second episode of “The Chef Jeff Project” left me doubtful I’ll be tuning in for more. It’s about as interesting as watching reruns of “The Real World” on MTV, which is sad. This was a show I was rooting for. I’m about an hour into Chef Jeff Henderson’s autobiography Cooked (on audio-book). I have read elsewhere that Will Smith has optioned the movie rights to the story. In the right hands, it could make a very good movie.

Heaven Hill Distillery will hold its annual Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage preview party in Louisville on November 8th. If any bourbon aficionados from Lexington plan on attending, please let me know. Hope to see you all there.

Menus from past dinner parties and meetings of the supper club have been added to the Recipes & Menus page. More to come soon.


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